User Accounts:

Can I delete my account?

Yes, once you log into your user panel you have the option to remove your photos, profile info or your whole account at any time.

Can I have more than one account?

No, everyone is allowed only one account. If we see that you have more than one account your other accounts will be deleted and may result in the termination of your main account.

Is there a certain age you must be to create an account?

Yes you must be at least 18 years old to create an account.

I want to change my user name, can I?

No you are not allowed to change your username.

How do I add my picture to pantyvote.com?

On the home page, there is a submit link that allows you to submit a new picture. Please do not e-mail your picture to us, we cannot add it for you. Just follow the instructions above.

Can I have more than one picture?

Yes. After uploading your first picture, just visit your account area and you will be able to add more pictures.

What if I see a photo on this site that is inappropriate?

Click the link below the photo to report this violation. The photo will be re-reviewed by the staff. If you notice a photo that you know to be copyrighted or should not be on here for some other reason, click here to e-mail us.

Can I take my picture off the site once it has been submitted?

Yes, once you log in, you can remove your picture(s) at any time. Click on the "Remove Image" link from the photo stats page for whichever picture(s) you choose to remove.

I found my picture on this site. Can you remove it?

If you see your picture up and did not submit it to us, please let us know the "id" number or "username" and we will take it down. Or if you own a copyright to a picture on the site, please let us know and we will investigate the problem. Why did my photo get rejected or deleted? You can find out the exact reason why your photo got rejected by logging into your account, photo stats, photo status, then looking under status. If your picture was rejected the reason will be there. If you have any issues about your picture being rejected and you think it should have been approved then please contact one of our moderators, the list can be found here or e-mail us here.
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